Developments in corporate governance have emphasised the importance of good corporate citizenship and social responsibility. Amecor, together with our Social and Ethics Committee, are committed to maintaining a high standard of ethics while in pursuit of all corporate initiatives. With the support of the Board, Amecor’s Social and Ethics committee ensure that all stakeholders are considered in the Group’s strategy moving forward.

Plans forming part of Amecor’s social responsibility initiatives have encompassed the facilitation and upliftment of the Group’s surrounding committees. Initiatives to aid victims of violence have been undertaken as part of Amecor’s strategy to combat crime. The Group has given support to charity organisations such a Life Line, which aim to rehabilitate and empower community victims of crime.

Further support has been offered to the children of South Africa with Amecor becoming the official sponsor to local school, Bosmont Primary. Our Social and Ethics Committee endeavour to to uphold actions that enhance the social well-being of South Africa. Value adding initiatives to the benefit of stakeholders continue to grow in Amecor pursuit of further development and expansion.