Integrated Reports for Amecor Group Holdings

Annual Integrated Report 2016
Annual Integrated Report 2015
Annual Integrated Report 2014

Mastering the call for innovation is core to Amecor’s evolutionary strategy. This integrated report has been adapted to align Amecor’s strategic framework with material issues highlighted and reported on. Strategic focus areas have been replicated across all group divisions, resulting in a systematic and integrated long term value creation strategy to benefit all stakeholders. This strategic approach has been applied to reporting initiatives in order to stay abreast of the latest reporting guidelines, and has been broadened to include elements which bring stakeholders closer to the group’s core activities. Focus areas covered within this report cover key operational and environmental aspects, strategic growth, our people, sustainable development and financial returns.

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Annual Integrated Report 2013

Evolving trends in corporate governance and reporting have highlighted the significance of social, economic and environmental factors affecting our stakeholders. In line with initiatives to present an all-encompassing and fully transparent review, the Amecor board of directors wishes to provide our integrated annual report with the utmost integrity. This report is divided into two sections which respectively cover key operational and environmental aspects of the Group, as well as detailing a comparative financial review.

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Annual Integrated Report 2012

Amecor has once again experienced an upswing in profits from its security and monitoring division, which may be attributed to our innovative technological solutions and widespread demand for individual and asset security, as experienced worldwide. Although our power development sector experienced a slight dip in profit margins, we are confident that current strategies could impact positively
on the Group.

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Annual Integrated Report 2011

It is to the credit of Amecor’s solid organisational structure and synergies that sound financial results can once again be delivered to shareholders. Amecor has proved to be resilient and progressive in the past financial year. In spite of rigid economic conditions, the Group has managed to achieve sound profitability, and exploit newly discovered opportunities successfully.

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