FSK Electronics (FSK) is the exclusive manufacturer of sophisticated transmission technology used primarily in the security industry and related niche markets. The company’s expert panel of engineers specialise in the design of radio and GSM transmitters, receivers and transceivers, which enable the long range communication of data between synchronized electronics.

Industry players both in the monitoring and security market are reliant on feedback transmitted from monitored equipment or relaying alarm units. FSK products assure users of unfailing data reception, in addition to offering offsite control options which can be triggered remotely from anywhere in the globe. Increased demand for remote equipment automation has necessitated the integration of FSK products and standard cellular devices. Any user may now obtain full monitoring capability and control over electronic equipment, without the need for large scale control centers.

In addition to essential transmission technology, FSK offer a range of related electronic security products which include security personnel monitoring units, vehicle dispatchers, long and short range remote controllers, and electronic gate opening technology, for use in emergency access scenarios. All FSK products are offered with the option to utilise a secured transmission network from sister company, Sabre Radio Networks.

For more detailed information on FSK and its products, please access our FSK website on www.fsk.co.za